EATINERARIO is not a recipe website or a dining guide.
It is rather a photographic journey into the world of food.
You know those restaurants and bars that are “just like the owner”, or those secluded spots that you would like to show to your friends?
That’s the kind of place I’m looking for. As well as grocery stores, bakeries, butcher shops, food trucks, bars, the hole in the wall or the finest restaurants.
Oh yes, and exotic markets, too!

A closer, more intimate, more attentive look at those who work in the diverse world of cooking and eating.
EATINERARIO goes beyond what’s on the menu to show the spaces, the decorations, the stories and the people behind it all. My itinerary includes the places that have captivated me all over the world, but also that spot near you. My mission is to have you enjoy this journey together with me.
Ready to get on board?
Photo taken in Kikatsura – Japão – by Alexandre Disaro

English version: Eduardo Araújo