10540800_10153205394409728_8670604029163322924_nAs a storytelling photographer,
I always focus on people.

That’s how this project was born, with questions: Who created this? Who chose that decoration? Who cooked this dish?
People turn me on.
It’s with people in mind that I set out on this journey to explore the colorful and flavorful world of food.

When I photograph a dish I am actually photographing the portrait of the person who prepared it.
I want to reveal that person through their finished product, through the bar where they work, through the restaurant kitchen where the action takes place.

I am constantly in search of a creative process where nothing gets in the way. And so I take a stripped-down approach to EATINERARIO, too.
Please also get to know the other project that I develop alongside EATINERARIO and that I am really excited about: at, I present homes and spaces that are a perfect reflection of the people in them.

This photo was taken by Victor Affaro at Bac Ha, a minority market in the mountains of northern Vietnam.

English version: Eduardo Araújo